My Sky Is You!


When I first saw you,I looked up at the sky! Looking up, I smiledI knew there was God! He sent me a blessing,A blessing I never knew was my! I looked at you,Holding the breath,Smiled and realized,You were the one! I finally found the key,Part of me- that I missed! […]

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The world of Organized Terrorism!


Seeing the situations from the past couple of months and hearing from various political, journalist experts- it seems that world is gradually moving ahead towards an “Organized” Terrorism. The time seems close enough when, terrorism will be run by Government (s). The chairs in the  Parliaments will see Ministers sitting […]

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The first time I learnt!


My curves are to be proud of and not to feel guilty about! I was not the most good looking girl in the circle around, but my body always had the much needed curves. And being a young girl in grade 6, I achieved the mark comparatively earlier than my […]

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