June 4, 2022

Going Solo!


Discover how limitless you are!

When it comes to travel – being on my own- is something I never mind. I believe journeying alone is highly subjective. You explore the surroundings, without being influenced by the opinions of people around. You have your own stuff to accomplish, your own likes and dislikes, your own self- experiencing life. Does not matter if you are already aware, or you are out there learning and gathering information.

Commuting alone was something I discovered while in Noida. Since then it has been a favorite thing to compliment myself with my own company. And let me tell you I enjoy it every time. 

To have my solo trips was an agenda that I thought of- last year. I wanted to begin small, nearby, already known and cheap. Well obviously, things did not get into the groove immediately I planned- because life has its own pace- it takes time. But this year brought me an opportunity to have a solo travel to Bombay. 

The vastness of Bombay does scare me. The locals, the crowd, the jams, the busyness of life, the hurried attitude makes me insane. But this insanity has its own charm. So, the idea was to have three days of my own- doing stuff that I have never done before. 

Staying in Bombay was easy, because of Gunja. She has a lovely home there, and a great husband- Shovit, who wholeheartedly accommodated me with them. 

What I did!

Day 1 saw me eating Sushi, exploring cafes in Powai, having a hair cut after almost one and a half years, and walking through the streets trying to figure out – “What next?” 

Day 2 was thoroughly planned as I wanted to visit The National Museum Of Indian Cinema, Peddar Road. A mesmerizing experience that left me flabbergast. The visit lasted for almost 4 hours but that was not enough. Places like these are an ocean of information, and they need to be revisited again and again- to be consumed entirely. The evening was well spent with Gunja, Darpan, and Shovit.

Day 3 had me saying bye bye to the trip and to the vibe called- Bombay. Just before that I had some good food and a lot of talking with a dear friend Hemendra. 

The trip is over. But the hunger has increased. To travel, to discover, to explore, to plan, to fail, to succeed, and to be on my own.


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