I had a childhood that had an equal share of love, playing, goofing up, badly being bullied, and cloaked with nervousness all the time. Because, I could not- just could not talk. Lest I knew that speech/words, would become such an integral part of my life when I grow up. I do not remember too many things from childhood, except the support of my amazing mom and few incidents those left me sad, lonely, and upset about myself.


College was a breakthrough into a life of discoveries. A willfully barred damsel was freed and wanted to smell the colors of youth. I tasted freedom but a restricted one. Mommy very well maintained the balance between being an explorer and an obedient young girl. I learnt to fly with my feet grounded.


The most untamed part of my life, Noida- Delhi! The days when I did what I wanted, without being watched upon. Mistakes, lessons, dealings, escapes, understanding, evolving, setting rules for myself- the days were a roller- coaster ride. I managed to develop a personality- conduct was shaped. How would I behave, what kind- I want to be, what should be right and what should not be acceptable?


When you succumb to what family and society, want out of you- you Marry. Some marriages work. Some don’t! Mine has been a good experience. Shailendra is a progressive human being. Never jealous of my achievements. Always boosts my morale to work for myself, without making me realize that “I’m selfish”! During the course of time, we have accepted each other, the way we are.

Children are my world. I was a stricter Ma, with the elder one, Manas. But Medhansh taught me to loosen myself. I believe- I have been a good one till now.  

The journey will go on till I die. I have a vision! Not a rigid one! Yes, I want to achieve, but I can’t wait for a fairy to come and turn the rest of my life into a fairytale. I am capable of creating the platform for myself- is a step in this regard. Hoping for your support and love.

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