July 20, 2023

The Scary Night!


It was a usual night! Darkness, and deep sleep- could be smelt all around. Children were in their room, and we were in ours. Rustum, like every day was under the table that we have in our room. So, this has been his comfort zone since the day we have shifted here. We had our dinner, and after giving the final touch to the daily chores- decided to shut the eyes for the day. Everything was locked and seemed good enough. Nothing was scary till 2 am!
But who knew what was coming? Suddenly this usual night turned into an unusual one. A nightmare that we wish do not occur any time and with any one. The silence suddenly turned into a noisy affair. The noise that only we could hear. An unexpected surge of fear, anxiousness, horror surrounded us. Nobody to help, and no body to listen to.

The Horror in its full swing!

The unwanted people sneaked in the house from the small window of our bathroom. Accessed the
house downstairs. Finally their greed decided to raise their feet on the first floor.

Obviously they did not know we have Rustum!

Rustum: The Hero

I wish Rustum could speak, and could tell us what had happened!? I wish he could just boast around talking about his bravery and how he made those unwanted entities run for their lives that night.
Because what we saw were open doors, and windows only. And Rustum barking out loud, desperately looking for people who were no more there.
The incident made us understand that whoever comes in your life comes for a purpose! Rustum’s purpose was to save us- TONIGHT and forever!
Yet such a simple and ignorant soul he is. He does not know what has he done for us!! No pride, no sense of superiority- just love that too an unconditional one.
Forever grateful for Rustum!

2 Comments on “The Scary Night!

Hemendra Singh Rajawat
July 21, 2023 at 2:39 am

Rustum is Love ♥️♥️ always

Richa Chauhan
July 21, 2023 at 7:50 am



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