November 17, 2021

One year of corporate life!


The Numerator in my life!

Working Woman! A phrase that has been highly overrated in our society. Because when you work, you don’t cook, you don’t be a good mother, your home usually is a mess, you only think about yourself, and you live a life that may not be an ideal one, or rather doesn’t fall under the parameters of a sushil and sarvagunsamppan nari

You struggle to strike the correct balance, between your personal and professional life, that may give you that GUILT FREE satisfaction of being independent yet an idealistic avatar of yourself. But you obviously fail. 

I have had a trail of jobs. Ones which I loved, ones which were a compromise. Ones which gave me the highs of my career, and ones where I just could not be at peace with myself. I did, I left. I wished, I sacrificed.

 But nothing could snatch away the joy of being a working woman, from me.

I do freak out at times. I do feel over the top. I do sometimes want to leave it all. But deep inside, I love the process of getting ready, and reaching for work. I love those deadlines. I love the pressure. I love the appreciation. I love being able to push my boundaries. I love to leave that comfort zone. I love myself when I work. 

Today when I complete a year in my current company- I dedicate a major part of ‘’working me’’ as the NUMERATOR of the equation- called life.

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