September 9, 2021

The world of Organized Terrorism!


Seeing the situations from the past couple of months and hearing from various political, journalist experts- it seems that world is gradually moving ahead towards an “Organized” Terrorism.

The time seems close enough when, terrorism will be run by Government (s). The chairs in the  Parliaments will see Ministers sitting with high capacity/ advanced weapons and would be discussing the preferable use of nuclear weapons.

Afghanistan has to be supported, but not by Taliban. The world and their political arenas are much more capable than being mute spectators of Afghanistan’s no-win situation.  Everyone knows that Taliban has a backup of our DEAR neighboring countries. Everyone is also well aware about 9/11, 26/11, Pathankot, Uri- the list is endless.

India has also always been a Government of less educated and criminal background Lok and Rajya Sabhas. Is this the reason we are lame to stand with Afghanistan

Russia will sell weapons. Pakistan will support more terrorism. Kashmir will be a softer target than ever before. China will do whatever is necessary to keep it’s super power image shining. The United States will sit blindfolded and say, “we will NOT forget, NOT forgive”. 

Things are a little traumatizing. And they might become more traumatizing. Clouds of helplessness are over Afghanistan. They will move, to somewhere- where there is sunshine right now. 

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