August 7, 2021

I wish I grew up on sports


In an Indian middle class family, it is very common to develop a liking for films, and TV. Sports take a back seat, most of the times. My family was no different. I grew up watching my eldest brother, Tejpal listening, and imitating Michael Jackson. Not to forget his aspirations to go into Hindi Filam Industry, which he eventually did, and has few milestones associated with his name after years of struggle (proud of you bhaiya). I clearly remember mommy watching impractical TV serials that had nothing to say, except giving her those emotional bouts. Thankfully I never became a TV maniac. Papa was into a field that had already made him a renowned media personality in a small city like Jaipur.

Mommy took me to watch almost every Hindi FILAM that released, and got me the cassette of almost every music album. 

I danced, I listened, I enacted the scenes. I imagined myself the HEROINE, and gave those typical expressions that are a trademark of Hindi Cinema. I became an RJ, I presented a movie review show on a channel, and I worked in ads. It was all in my blood.

But now when I have grown up, I wish I had a different scenario. I wish I had grown up on Sports. I wish the parameters of my entertainment had been sports. Especially when I go through those proud moments when I read about the representatives of India in the Olympics, I feel I could have become more intense, if I had liked sports. I wish I had that passion, concentration, repetitive mode- I want to play, and discipline in life. 

Not as a regretful post

I am happy in my zone. But what we need to focus as a country is to provide better platforms as far as sports are concerned. India needs a better sportsmanship spirit that can be inculcated in children while they grow up. Teamwork, respecting everyone, living for a purpose, being a good citizen, are few things no Hum Saath Saath Hain, or Chak De can develop. The seed has to be sown from an early age and has to be nurtured with constant support, nourishment and care. 

Children should be taught to admire players too and not only “Make Belief” glamorous world that has nothing to offer except unrealistic projections.

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