August 3, 2021

Being a Parent, without being a PARENT


Movie Review: Mimi

For me, Mimi falls under the category, you can neither love nor hate. Love it for Pankaj Tripathi- without any doubt, and the presence of Supriya Pathak- where she drops in with her outstanding timing. Hate it for not giving you the catastrophe it needed. The story carries a substantial message on surrogacy and child adoption. The fulfilling part for me in the FILAM was that there was no love angle that was forcefully thrown into the screenplay. Trust me, the FILAM does not need any.

Lot to say about the Performances

Don’t you agree Pankaj Tripathi is love?? The only reason I would want to watch the FILAM again. He is one of those actors who just ACT. And when acting comes so naturally, it does not remain the same, it becomes the character.

Kriti Sanon throws all her acting skills SADLY, in just one scene, where she is delivering the child. Well, I wonder sometimes, why almost all the male actors in the industry are so up for the body transformation process to fit their characters, but female actors still want to look sleek, docile, and beautiful, even while playing a character like MIMI. Remember? The movie is named after this character! Kriti Sanon was not appropriate for me. 

Atmaja Pandey, Nutan Surya, as Bhanu’s (Pankaj) wife and mother respectively could give that feel of character more than Kriti Sanon. 

Manoj Pahwa, Supriya Pathak, are actors who are beyond any critical explanations. As a FILAM lover, I do understand the kinds of roles they get at this stage, and how they fulfil the demands of acting, without being even partial about how important their character is in the screenplay. Supriya Pathak was a delight in some scenes, and had a pinch better scope than Toofaan

Mimi, does not abide by the essence of the story of a surrogate mother and the child, who is abandoned by his FIRANG parents. Kriti Sanon completely fails to portray the emotion. Infact Laxman Utekar fails to build that emotional connect between the mother and the child. 

For me it was an awesome watch, but not even a regretful one. If you had already decided to skip MIMI, Do not forget Tripathi Ji! He outshines all the flaws.

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