December 24, 2021

Movie Review- Atrangi Re!


A multi-shaded and atrangi love story!

Aanand L. Rai has done wonders with this unique love story. Atrangi Re is truly an atrangi screenplay, that is very intricately designed, and carefully handled. If you have not yet watched it, it is highly recommended, this weekend.

I usually do not like to talk about the plot of any movie- I watch. But I would, in this case, like to stress the point that a trailer that might seem to be – ahh another love triangle will eventually turn into a goosebump giving experience for you. For me it did!

The movie very subtly talks about mental health, and also how women always wish for a father figure in their lives- who can protect, and guard them from the evil around. Possibly the strongest of women too, deep inside.

Special mention of Akshay Kumar– he experimented with his so-called ‘Hero’ image, and did not disappoint me. I loved him in this FILAM

We all know Sara Ali Khan has been breathing film making since her childhood. And you do not expect anything out of her but a performer that enhances the character in every way. She has successfully accomplished the task. 

Dhanush stands as an example of how a real life shy guy transforms in front of the camera, to deliver a performance that is extraordinary. I also can not forget to mention Ashish Verma. Few actors are so underrated in our cinema because they do not play the protagonist. But they definitely have the capability to groove in with a star studded movie, and yet make their presence equally pleasurable on screen. Ashish Verma is one of them. 

A. R. Rahman’s music is a bonus for the movie. Though the makers only chose to promote ‘chakachak’ throughout their promotion, but the other songs are captivating too.

Atrangi Re is a heavy subject, made with love and care. Of course not to mention don’t run into finding logic. It can not exist with commercial hindi cinema. 

If you are fond of watching love stories, Atrangi Re might be the last of this year for you! Thank me later! 🙂

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