December 27, 2021

Movie Review- 83!


Relive the World Cup ’83 with Kabir Khan!

What a mesmerizing moment it must have been for team India and the country in 1983. Shamelessly considered- an underdog team- shone in the final match at Lords. Cricket is not a game for Indians- it is a religion. No matter how much we boost the fact that we’re here to enjoy, deep down inside, we all want to win. 

The screenplay of the FILAM 83, is a true example of a jam-packed plot, designed to make you swell at every moment of the World Cup 1983– when India won the title for the first time. Kabir Khan has hit the ball so hard and so bang on point, that you can not stop yourself jumping from your seats.

The recreation of the Indian team is so appropriately done, that it will leave you awestruck, from the very first scene itself when the members are introduced. You will relate with their personalities, and mannerisms instantly, if you have seen them talking before, on different occasions. 

Let’s talk about Kapil Dev aka Ranveer Singh. After watching him in 83, you will easily be able to state the difference between PORTRAYING a character, and BECOMING a character. Getting into the skin of Kapil Dev wasn’t an easy task. But Singh has accomplished it wonderfully. The ”KAPIL” look he has been given, especially the teeth set, can not be missed. 

Mohinder Amarnath playing his father Lala Amarnath, must have been an amazing role reversal experience for him. The arrogance, and the pride that Lala Amarnath, being the FIRST cricketer to score a CENTURY for the Indian team in his times, must have had- appears so natural and true to life. 

The film has got an equal share of everything.

The cricket, political scenario, social culture, religion, Hindu-Muslim conflicts/non-conflicts, the border/army, young Sachin Tendulkar watching the World Cup, trauma of cricketer wives, journalism, the cricket fans, small nuances in the form of adjusting the antenna, bullying on the ground, grammatical errors Kapil Dev made while speaking English, naming the new born as Kapil- every moment of 83 is heart-touching. 

Special mention- Deepika Padukone for being a true support cast of 83.

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