January 28, 2023

YRF serves old wine in a new bottle yet again!


Pathaan- Movie Review

And Shahrukh Khan is back! After a pretty long break from big parda (you mean to read- curtain), SRK revived the 70mm via Pathaan! Who else could have been a better platform to do so than Yash Raj Films. So here we have Aditya Chopra as the producer of Pathaan. Now YRF has been really running short of good stories I guess, from the past few times. But they have a formula- when nothing works- Shahrukh Khan does! 

Ok! Apart from the guilty pleasure of watching an illogical screenplay (comes with the age I guess) I must not forget to mention that Pathaan, is a complete “Paisa Vasool”. I loved the dialogues, and the fact how Tiger (Salman Khan) has been amalgamated in the FILAM

No matter how much Deepika Padukone has been glammed and dolled up in Pathaan- the fact that SRK has been too- will not give any feminist section restless nights. 

Ashutosh Rana has been a complete misfit for the role of Colonel- as he could not showcase the swag, an officer should have. Thankfully Dimple Kapadia has a better screen time and role as compared to Brahmastra! I feel John Abraham’s film graph has been deliberately given the stamp of someone who has a similar expression in every film- when Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar, Shahrukh Khan , Salman Khan and so many others have the same problem. But we can ignore the fact- royally! 

Important! SRK’s “Lady First” policy of flashing the female actor’s name first- before his own, has been compromised in Pathaan! Someone either forgot or did not know about it! 

All in all if you want to take some time off from your busy schedules, Pathaan is a good watch! You will definitely enjoy it. That’s my time for Pathaan! Now I leave, “Hairdresser ke saath appointment hai!

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