September 5, 2021

Cinderella- Movie Review


This Cinderella has a twist!

Who does not remember Cinderella? It has been a perfect fairy tale from generations and decades. A naive and beautiful damsel in bars, who is under the atrocities of her step mother, eventually finds her Dream Man in a prince, and lives happily ever after.

But this Cinderella has a TWIST to the tale. Amazon Prime Video is now showing Camila Cabello in and as Cinderella. This new age Cinderella is full of enthusiasm, dreams and desires. She stitches beautiful dresses and wants to be someone who can be called a self-made woman. So much so that she refuses to marry her prince charming, in order to choose HERSELF. 

The movie is a musical portrayal of characters, their desires, and their personalities. Though the movie has that typical girlish sense attached to it. But if you can put away your gender biases, it is a piece of art. A light hearted way to project the essence of womanhood. 

Each character looks convincing. The movie carries a message that can be of use for the younger generation. The character of Cinderella specially gives a pump to your heart, everytime she appears on the screen. You feel motivated and a little smile perches on your face. Well, that’s what happened to me. 

The music and the lyrics are meaningful. The movie has drama that upholds women empowerment as it’s basic theme.  

Marriage is not the final destination for women anymore. Not even for Cinderella. 

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