August 21, 2021

Bell Bottom- Movie Review!


When you invest yourself for the country.

I have been denied a movie ticket, multiple times in my life as a movie watcher. I always preferred watching the earliest possible show, and many times the staff informed me, I am the only one for the movie, and they can not run the show just for me. That’s what happened today! Bell Bottom made me roam around three theaters to get a running show. Finally a movie- in the theater-alone. Wah! 

Bell Bottom is an out and out commercially crafted, typical Akshay Kumar entertainer. Emotions, family values, patriotism, love, courage- all in one. All said and done. The movie will not give you jumping moments, but it will keep you tight on your seat.

Let’s talk about the performances. Well have you ever noticed a person who is stamping on letters?? The act of stamping becomes so engraved in the subconscious mind of a stamper- that he just keeps on doing it, without any hindrance. Akshay Kumar is that stamper for me, who has become so used to his craft, that he is just doing it. Without any hindrance, and improvisation. Everything is same. But mind you everything is acceptable too. You do not dislike him.

Dolly Ahluwalia, Adil Hussain, Zain Khan Durrani, Vaani Kapoor, everyone seems a fit for their parts. It was a pleasure to watch Mamik after such a long time. Though he comes in just two scenes. The USP of the FILAM is Lara Dutta, who plays Indira Gandhi the Prime Minister of India. Her performance is a true example of , ‘Less is More’. When a performer delivers without any prior EXPECTED performance alert, it always feels nice to watch it.

Bell Bottom’s real hero is it’s background music, that will uplift your mood and will give you that 80’s feel. It successfully holds the screenplay, and imparts that feeling of being filmy. Bell Bottom is a good watch this weekend. Haan, Logic nahi lagana!

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