May 29, 2022

4 Hindi Movies I Watched lately!


Movie Review: Four-In-One

The most disheartening out of all these was Radhe Shyam. From the screenplay, to the performances, nothing worked for me. I so avidly wanted to run away from the theater throughout the show. The film seemed an artificial ensemble of everything- situations, places, dialogues, and even the performances. The beginning was uninteresting, the middle was boring, the only part that could give me some happiness was the end. Of course because it was the end. End of a traumatizing experience. 

Jersey on the other hand made me a little sparky due to the presence of Pankaj Kapur. The scenes he was in were like a treatment for getting me out of Radhe Shyam. Shahid seemed to me as Kabir Singh- Part 2. Mrunal Thakur was simple, and good. The major drawback of Jersey was- it failed to create the emotion in me that the screenplay had loud out there. 

Jayeshbhai Jordaar was an okay experience till the intermission. The eagerness to know what would happen now was there and kept me lively. But the way the movie pulls itself back after the first half was a little dramatic. It was one of those experiences for me where the first impression did not last for too long. Post the interval Jayeshbhai Jordaar lacks an enticing screenplay-sadly. I felt sleepy, bored, lethargic, and the screenplay felt like bubble gum. 

One filam I was looking for eagerly was Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2. I wanted to see Kartik Aryan, and was almost sure he would ace the character. The best thing that helped me to like the movie was that I am not an Akshay Kumar fan. So comparisons for me between Akshay and Aryan were already non-existent. Though I was a little unsure as far as the comedy of Anees Bazmee was concerned. But to my surprise, it did not disappoint me too much. It was clean, laughable and engaging. The only concern was handling the child, and a few dialogues that body shamed him. 

I will keep Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 as the topper of this list.

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