September 10, 2022

Movie Review: Brahmastra- Part One Shiva!


This might injure you.

First thing first- I did like few things in the film but Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt.

The beginning of the film will excite you without any doubt. Bars will be raised and you would want to see a film that has the capability to keep you glued to the screen. But unfortunately Brahmastra has the most predictable screenplay, one can ever imagine for a fantasy saga.

The hype, the star value, the characters- nothing saves the film from being boring at times. In the end you are left with some good VFX and beautiful cinematography. Shots that are worth remembering, and bringing in butterflies to your stomach, if you can really remember them. 

The presence of Shahrukh Khan has subsided everyone in the film, especially because we see him on screen after a long long time. Apart from him you do hear a few cheers while Nagarjuna appears as Anish Shetty on the screen. 

Alia Bhatt looks good throughout the film (Wait! Am I only talking about her looking beautiful, and not her acting skills?? Ahhh sadly YES!) Ranbir Kapoor has nothing important to portray as SHIVA. He seemed completely drained out to me throughout the film. Mouni Roy has given her 100 percent in whatever she was asked to do. Again not a very heart/mind hitting character. 

Amitabh Bachchan is ok! DImple Kapadia has a little part to do. She flying a helicopter seems a little off during the movie. Actually it looks funny! Artistic license should be marginalized in our cinema. At least don’t show ANYTHING to us, you desire- Dear Film-makers. 

The screenplay does not present a solid base for the unfolding story. Apart from SRK, the only character that overwhelmed me during the watch is actually not a character in Brahmastra: Part One Shiva. I am talking about DEV. The climax leaves you with a thinking box, who would be DEV in the second part?

All in all Brahmastra was a Okay watch. I had a worst experience at Taco Bell, after the movie! The Tacos and Wraps were bad. I delete it from my list of food gobbling- FOREVER!

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