August 11, 2021

Have you dialed 100 yet?


Dial 100- Movie review.

Choosing what to watch and what not to, is a big question. In the ocean of OTTs, either you need to be a binging pillow or someone who has a hungry website, always devouring and demanding articles. Well, of course I fall in the second category. So, here I am. The Latest I got to watch was Dial 100. 

I must say I found the promo more interesting than the actual product.

Manoj Bajpayee, Neena Gupta, Sakshi Tanwar, have time and again proved that they are good actors. Sadly, Dial 100 does not give them the platform that could capture those nuances of their acting skills at their best. Well, genuine acting can never go wrong. Performance wise everybody is good, though Manoj seems a little repetitive (if you have watched Family Man). The screenplay does not carry much scope. 

A revengeful story line does not leave you with that pain too, that one experiences after losing a child. 

While watching Dial 100 I eagerly waited for some breathtaking moments, but to my bad fortune, it did not happen. The 2 hours were not bad, but I can’t call them good either. 

A “wanna be’’ thrilling experience Dial 100 is a bearable venture by Rensil D’silva. If you are a Manoj Bajpayee fan you can definitely opt to watch it. If not, it will make no difference to your life. 

If you have watched it do comment, how did you find it! If not then comment and tell would you watch it??

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